Best Hairdryers in India for Home & Professional Use

Hairdryers are a big-time lifesaver for all of us. They are extremely portable and help us get ready much faster. The good thing is that nowadays hair dryers come with very convenient features such as heat adjustment, etc. Also, hair dryers come in various shapes and sizes, so you can easily choose one that is suitable for your daily needs.

Best Hairdryers in India

So, if you are in the market for a good quality hairdryer, then have a look at the options down below. 

1) Philips HP8643

PHILIPS HP8643/46 Straightener (Pink/black)

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The perfect hairdryer with just the perfect features, this Philips HP8643/46 Styling Kit is very convenient to use and operate. It gets heated up within less than 60 seconds, so can easily get your hair done within minutes. Also, it comes with a good range of heat adjusters up to 210°, which gives you full control.

Users can use it anywhere as it comes with a universal voltage. Moreover, the drying power is also very gentle with 1000 W for great attractive results. And the airflow of this Philips hairdryer is narrow for absolute hair drying.  It can be a little costly but the product is very durable. 


  • Easy-to-handle.
  • It is quite durable 
  • Comes with great heat management features.


  • Does not really help much in creating curls.

2) VEGA Pro Touch

VEGA Pro Touch 1800-2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer with 2 Detachable Nozzles (VHDP-02)- Black

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This Vega Pro Touch is a great option for people who are looking for a premium-looking hairdryer. It comes with two detachable nozzles, which gives you better control. These nozzles come in two different shapes that help you dry your hair with more accuracy. It is equipped with 1800-2000 W power and an AC motor, which enables swift and faster airflow.

This hairdryer offers two heat and speed settings. So you can adjust the hairdryer at your convenience. This model has good provisions for overheating cut-out, which means it will stop heating the moment it gets too much heated up. 


  • The hanging loop makes it easy to store
  • It has a cool shot button that dispenses the cool air for proper hair styling.
  • Amazing heat and speed settings.


  • It makes too much noise.

3) Havells HD3270

Havells HD3270 2-in-1 1700 Watts Hair Dryer with Diffuser and Thin Concentrator - Black

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This Havelles hair dryer comes with a wide range of features and is quite efficient when it comes to performance. It features a narrow concentrator that enables targeted hair drying with convenient styling. It also has a diffuser to lessen the frizz and also works well when you want curls.

This model comes with a cool shot button that enhances the entire hair drying and styling process. It has amazing overheat protection and you will love its professional and powerful hair styling facilities. The power consumption of this hairdryer is 240 Voltage AC, so if you are looking for an efficient and convenient hairdryer, you can opt for this one.


  • Two heat and speed settings
  • It provides overheat protection.
  • Thin concentrator for desired hair drying.


  • Average durability.

4) ROZIA 2500

ROZIA 2500 Watt Premium hair dryer with Ionic hair Protection Technology with Concentrator, Diffuser, 2 Speed and 3 Heat Settings

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This Rozie 2500 is a very powerful hairdryer and you can use it for hair drying as well as hairdressing. It features a thermostat, which regulates the temperature effectively and protects your hair from burns. It comes with a diffuser and concentrator. The former is very efficient in controlling the airflow while the latter helps in best hairstyling.

It is designed for all types of hair and you can choose from two speeds and three temperature settings. It also allows you to control the wind settings for better styling. 


  • Comes with 2 speed and 3 temperature settings.
  • Ideal for both hair drying and hairdressing.
  • Suitable for all types of hair.


  • The material is not that durable


HESLEY ARIA PROFESSIONAL HAIR DRYER WITH Diffuser, Concentrator & cool shot knob 2200 Watts

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This hair dryer from Hesley comes with a diffuser, concentrator, and a cool shot knob, which makes it perfect for hairstyling. The best thing about this hairdryer is that it retains the hair moisture while applying heat to your hair. The concentrator provides a great hair drying experience and enables you to do try new hairstyles. 

It has a powerful motor of 2200W that provides maximum airflow. This model is equipped with a hanging loop that makes it easy to store. The cool shot knob feature takes your styling game to the next level. But the cooling is reduced to 37° only. Its hair drying time is 2000 hours and you can choose from 2 speed and 3 heat settings.


  • For easy cleaning, it comes with a removable filter
  • Its Cool Knob Button reduces overheating.
  • It is equipped with a powerful DC motor.


  • It does not provide any cool air.            


AGARO HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer with 1400 Watts Motor, 3 Temperature Settings & Cool Shot Button- Black

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With great features and easy handling, this hairdryer is perfect for people who love to experiment with their hairs.  It has a 2200 wattage motor that makes its airflow completely set your hair, so you can rely on this without a doubt. It has 3 temperature and 3-speed setting features, which allows you to style your hair just the way you want.

It comes with an overheat protection feature., which switches off the hairdryer automatically on getting overheated. The concentrator nozzle enables focused hair drying especially in those areas that do not get dry easily. Moreover, its diffuser nozzle helps in equal air distribution all over the hair.


  • It has 3 temperature and 3-speed settings.
  • The concentrator and the diffuser work magically.
  • Automatically switches off when getting overheated.
  • It comes with a complete two years of warranty.


  • Handling is a little bit difficult.

7) Panasonic EH-ND21

Panasonic EH-ND21-P62B 1200 Watts Foldable Hair Dryer with Cool Air and Quick Dry Nozzle-White

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The Panasonic hair dryer is an ideal one for those who are always in a rush! It has a quick-dry nozzle that enables you to quickly dry your hair with its soft and strong airflow. It works on a 1200 wattage power that helps the hairdryer to work efficiently.

 This model can work with up to 50-degree temperature without damaging the hair. Based on your hair type, it allows you to set the temperature with three temperature modes. With the help of its cooling feature, you can solve the frizz, provide moisture and give shine to your hair. It has foldable handles that make it easy to operate and adjust.


  • It features an ergonomic design.
  • It has lengthy stretchable cords.
  • It offers three types of temperature.


  • It heats up too fast.


These were some of the best hairdryers available in India. All of them come with great features for a great user experience. But remember, before you buy any hairdryer, you must check its warranty and other legal policies as well. Hairdryers are an absolute need for everyone especially when you need to style your hair for a special occasion. We have included both high and low-end models, so you can easily find one that suits your budget. 

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